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  Liver Helper       
Natural Herbal Dietary Supplement to Support:
  • Healthy Liver Function*
  • Normal Regeneration of the Liver*
  • Imbalances Associated with Jaundice Cirrhosis, Hep B & Hep C*

Note: See the Hepatitis Helper Kit for maximum support for healthy liver function*

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Patrinia, Phyllanthus, Schizandra, Eclipta, Angelica Sinensis Radix, Artemisia Capillaris
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Suggested Usage:
As a Dietary Supplement, take 2-3 capsules twice daily with water on an
empty stomach, 30 minutes before meals or as directed by a healthcare
100 Vegetarian Capsules

Serving Per Bottle:
Approx. 50 Servings

Net Weight:
500 mg.

Health Category:

Healthy Living's Liver Helper formula was developed by doctors in Vietnam and Russia for their patients with liver dysfunction. The primary goal of these doctors were to create a product that would provide individuals with maximum liver supporting and liver protecting properties in a easy to use dietary supplement.* 

Many of the herbal ingredients found in Liver Helper have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years for maintaining healthy liver function and to support liver detoxification.  According to the developers of this product, supporting a balanced and healthy liver function is crucial for individuals at risk for conditions including jaundice, cirrhosis, hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.* 

When viral concerns are combined with liver dysfunction, we recommend taking additional dietary support.  Virus Fighter I is a perfect dietary supplement to promote healthy immune support and viral resistance.*

We recommend that Liver Helper be taken for 6-12 months at a time for continued liver health*


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